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Zombie Derby 2

The zombie apocalypse theme never seems to become obsolete: hordes of the undead continue to flood television screens, desktops and mobile devices. In the second part of HeroCraft's exciting arcade game Zombie Derby, the undead have become even more dangerous, aggressive and, above all, more realistic thanks to updated 3D graphics.


Zombie Derby 2 looks really spectacular, the locations and landscapes of the game inspire with their diversity. Wherever you are - on the streets of the city, in the desert or between mountainous landscapes, only one thing is invariable: hordes of zombies conquering the world.


Your goal is to complete the missions and move from one point on the map to another in a well-protected and armed car. How well protected? One logical question and the answer is entirely up to you. The same applies to weapons: you equip your car yourself and choose from 8 types that can be gradually unlocked.


The game won't give you time to think, you won't be able to figure out what exactly happened and what caused the zombie outbreak because its essence is far from thinking: Zombie Derby 2 is solid arcade -Action that is only interrupted by updating.


To the positive overall impression of the gameplay of Zombie Derby 2, the impression of the visual style of the game and its speech output must be added: both are doing their best here. The three-dimensional graphics are pleasing with the quality and the rock music adds momentum - it's a pleasure to meet hordes of zombies with hard guitar chords.

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Zombie Derby 2

4.2 / 5

Zombie Derby 2 Logo
Author: HeroCraft Ltd.
Latest Version: 1.0.12
Size: 74M

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