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NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios

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The pavilion is a very strange puzzle. In it, you have no control over the main character, but you control his surroundings. It looks like a god simulator. But you only have one devotee. Plus, the game looks really great from the outside, mostly thanks to the lighting and architecture.


Pavilion feels at home on a mobile platform. The touchscreen display is perfect for game control.


The game is clearly Gothic. The main way to move the hero from point A to point B is bells. You call them and your character moves to the sound. Then there is a woman in a white robe, mysterious symbols in the stones and much more.


Pavilion attracts with its wonderful game world and captivating storytelling. Inside, the gameplay is top notch too: the hero stops by the torches to warm up. Fatigue is also inherent in it. Well, and of course, it responds to the sound of the bells that you strike.


All of this is packed at an action-packed and exhilarating pace. Everything that happens is moving in a fast direction. The game is instantly addicting, you will want to see what happens next all the time. Pavilion is a very challenging game in which you are constantly discovering new paths and experiencing incredible sensations at every stage of the game.

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3.7 / 5

Pavilion Logo
Author: NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios
Latest Version: 1.02
Size: 42M

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