Top 5 Wholesome and Engaging Video Games Perfect for Kids

Samanta Blumberg


Top 5 Wholesome and Engaging Video Games Perfect for Kids

Video games have become an integral part of childhood, offering endless entertainment, learning opportunities, and a great way to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. However, as parents, it's vital to choose games that are not only fun but also free from violence and inappropriate content. With that in mind, we've curated a list of five simple yet interesting video games that are perfect for your children. These games are not only entertaining but also promote creativity, strategy, and learning in a peaceful and engaging environment.

Minecraft: A World of Creativity and Exploration


Description: Minecraft is a sandbox-style video game that enables players to create and discover their unique worlds constructed from blocks. It promotes creativity and imagination by providing a space where there are no predetermined goals, giving children the freedom to define their own objectives and play rhythm. In the game, players can collect materials, craft various items, and build anything from modest houses to magnificent castles, according to their imagination.

Pros: Minecraft is an excellent game for developing problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and creativity. It offers a multiplayer mode, enabling kids to collaborate with others and work on projects together, promoting teamwork and communication skills.

Cons: While Minecraft is relatively safe, playing in multiplayer mode can expose kids to interactions with strangers. It's important to ensure children play in secure, monitored environments and understand online safety practices.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - A Relaxing Island Getaway

Animal Crossing logotype

Description: Animal Crossing: New Horizons transports players to a deserted island, where they can create their personalized getaway and interact with anthropomorphic animals. This game is a mix of exploration, collecting, and customization, making every player's experience unique. It encourages players to collect resources, design their island, and foster a community of animal residents.

Pros: This game is renowned for its relaxing pace and positive atmosphere, making it a great stress-reliever. It teaches responsibility through tasks like maintaining the island and forming relationships with its inhabitants. It also encourages creativity through island design and customization options.

Cons: The game operates on a real-time clock, which can sometimes make progress feel slow, especially for children who are used to more immediate gameplay experiences. Additionally, the trading aspect of the game can become somewhat complex for younger players.

Super Mario Odyssey - A Classic Adventure Reimagined

Super Mario Odyssey game logo

Description: Super Mario Odyssey is a vibrant, 3D platformer game that follows Mario on a global adventure to save Princess Peach from Bowser's wedding plans. This game distinguishes itself with its unique gameplay, granting Mario the capability to traverse expansive realms. With a novel feature, Mario can engage with his surroundings using his cap, enhancing the interaction possibilities.

Pros: Super Mario Odyssey is acclaimed for its inventive levels, stunning graphics, and engaging gameplay mechanics. It's accessible to players of all ages, offering a mix of easy and challenging tasks, which makes it perfect for developing hand-eye coordination and strategic thinking skills.

Cons: While the game is largely non-violent, some bosses and situations might be a bit intimidating for very young players. Parents might need to assist or encourage younger children through these parts.

Stardew Valley - Cultivate Your Own Slice of Heaven

Stardew Valley logo

Description: Stardew Valley is a farming simulation game that begins with the player inheriting a rundown farm, tasked with bringing it back to life. Players can grow crops, raise animals, mine for resources, and build relationships with townsfolk, offering a relaxing and rewarding gaming experience.

Pros: Stardew Valley is praised for its charming pixel art style and soothing soundtrack. It imparts crucial life lessons, including the management of time, planning finances, and the significance of being part of a community. The game's open-ended nature allows players to approach farming and relationships at their own pace.

Cons: The game's depth and complexity might be overwhelming for some children, requiring a bit of guidance from parents initially. Additionally, the in-game calendar and events may pressure players to optimize their time, which could detract from the game's relaxing nature.

LEGO Worlds - Unleash Your Imagination with Bricks

LEGO Worlds art

Description: LEGO Worlds is an open-world game made entirely of LEGO bricks, offering limitless possibilities for creation, exploration, and play. Players can build structures, vehicles, and worlds using an extensive library of LEGO pieces. The game combines the physical joy of building with LEGO with the expansive possibilities of digital play.

Pros: LEGO Worlds fosters creativity and innovation, as players can construct virtually anything they can imagine. It's a fantastic way for children to experiment with design and architecture, enhancing their spatial reasoning and planning skills.

Cons: The game's controls and interface can be challenging to master, particularly for younger players, which might require some patience and practice. Additionally, the vast open-world and endless possibilities might be overwhelming for some players, necessitating guidance to get started.


Choosing the right video games for your children can be a delightful process, especially when focusing on titles that promote creativity, learning, and positive social interactions. The five games we've highlighted—Minecraft, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Super Mario Odyssey, Stardew Valley, and LEGO Worlds—offer rich, engaging experiences without relying on violence or mature themes. Every game offers its own special charm, designed to meet various preferences and developmental requirements, guaranteeing that your children not only enjoy themselves but also acquire essential abilities in the process. As with all digital entertainment, it's important to moderate and oversee your kids' gaming activities to ensure they have a beneficial experience. Enjoy gaming!