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FSX Steam Edition: Falcon 7X Add-On review

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FSX Steam Edition: Falcon 7X Add-On Review

FSX Steam Edition: Falcon 7X Add-On is an application developed by Wilco. FSX Steam Edition: Falcon 7X Add-On was first published on . FSX Steam Edition: Falcon 7X Add-On is currently available on Steam, Other.

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The Falcon 7X is the flagship offering of Dassault’s business jet line. This fully fly-by-wire long-range trijet is the first bizjet to use fighter jet technology in conjunction with a large executive passenger cabin. So far, over 200 Falcon 7X have been delivered in 32 countries.

Featuring an all-glass integrated flight deck, Wilco Publishing's Dassault Falcon 7X for FSX: Steam Edition features an incredible aircraft model with superb interior and exterior details. Even the individual rivets and screws are modelled in 3D!

With authentic flight dynamics and real aircraft sounds, the Falcon 7x is a slick and speedy addition to any virtual hangar.


  • Built using the best plans available and with direct access to the real aircraft.
  • High Definition textures bring the aircraft to life and include stains and dirt.
  • High resolution reflective and chrome textures.
  • Realistic pilot movements.
  • A working RAT (Ram Air Turbine) can deploy on engine failure
  • Fully animated flying surfaces: flexible wings under load, landing gear including oleo compression, flaps, spoilers and trim tabs.
  • All doors and hatches open to reveal interior details, engine bays.
  • Additional items include perimeter cones, wheel chocks, pre-flight flags, engine and cockpit covers and a fully modelled GPU (Ground Power Unit).

  • Immersive audio experience with high quality digital stereo sounds recorded directly from the real aircraft.

  • Start-up engine sequence from a ‘Cold & Dark’ cockpit state with avionics and navigation functionality to real-world checklists.
  • FLIGHT DYNAMICS are written from real-world data, engine performances and operations.

  • All-glass integrated flight deck based on Dassault Easy I Flight Deck
  • Multiple 2D pop-up windows (removable and sizeable) for major instrument panels and controls
  • Interactive 3D virtual cockpit
  • Functional Head Up Display (HUD)
  • MFD displays (Multi-Function Display) with engine and systems management screens, GPS, interactive normal and emergency electronic checklists etc.
  • PFDs (Primary Flight Displays) for both seats, working independently: artificial horizon, speed, altitude, heading, V/S.
  • ND (Navigation Display): route with ARC, ROSE and PLAN modes based on FMC.
  • Navigraph database included
  • TCAS (Traffic & Collision Avoidance System) based on the FSX traffic radar and display
  • EICAS (Engine Information and Crew Alerting System) to display engine info, fuel and warnings
  • FMC (Flight Management Computer) based on FS flight planner and GPS
  • Flight plans can be created, imported from FS and edited
  • Manual flight planning allowed
  • Flight plans to provide : heading, distance between points, cruise altitude and other performances data
  • Radio page to tune NAV frequencies
  • SIDs & STARs
  • Autopilot using FS modes: heading, speed, ALT hold with V/S mode, instrument flying with LOC/Glideslope, NAV.
  • Advanced autopilot with VNAV modes
  • Advanced simulation of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric systems
  • Fly by Wire control interfaces flight controls with FMC and AutoPilot functions for enhanced pilot control.

  • Easy-to-use flight operating manual and guide
  • Highly detailed manuals included
  • Checklists and performances tables

FSX Steam Edition: Falcon 7X Add-On

2.5 / 5

FSX Steam Edition: Falcon 7X Add-On Logo
Author: Wilco

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